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About Sandwich Factory


We offer either a custom made or fresh made Grab n’ Go breakfast sandwiches and burritos. For the bread choose from our fresh made croissants, bagels, biscuits, and english muffins. Meat choices include ham, sausage, chorizo, and bacon. Cheese choices are cheddar, american, and swiss. Our Grab n’ Go breakfast starts at 5:30 and ends at 10:30.

Lunch & Dinner

We offer either custom made or fresh made Grab n’ Go sandwiches on our French bread rolls we make on site each morning. Breads include: 11 grain wheat, sourdough, dutch crunch, basil parmesan, pesto mozzarella, jalapeno cheddar, bacon cheddar, three cheese pepperoncini, garlic rosemary, swiss garlic and sliced rye. Meat choices include golden browned turkey, oven roasted roast beef, smoked pastrami, smoked ham, pepperoni, and salami. We also offer homemade tuna, chicken, and egg salad. Cheese choices include swiss, provolone, pepperjack, cheddar, and American.


We also offer breakfast, lunch & dinner catering services. We love our customers and enjoy making their day better by providing delicious food through exceptional customer service.


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